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72-hour kit

Steps to becoming a WRMRC Volunteer

  • Registering and completing a profile on MA Responds at:
  • When you receive a notice, attend one of many Orientation sessions.
  • Complete a request for a CORI check. 

  •  Form will be available at orientation.
  • CORI checks are background checks that ensure that the member has no criminal record,and  that no sanctions exist to prohibit unsupervised patient care. Members whose backgrounds are determined to pose a security risk will be dismissed, to protect other care providers as well as patients. The WMMRC considers the process a formality for legal protection.

  • Have your photograph taken for your badge and leave a copy of your driver's license at the orientation.Your badge will enable rapid identification as a trained member of the WMMRC.       
  • Provide a photocopy of your license(s) and certificate(s), which we will verify through the appropriate agency to ensure  your credentials are valid and then will be kept on file. Retired and inactive professionals are welcome to join.

  •  Attend the required courses that insure that we all have the same basic knowledge and experience.

  •  Strive to complete the Core Competencies.

  •  Visit the web site for new information about WRMRC activities and training opportunities. 
  •  Attend WRMRC Division meetings as announced in emails or mailings.

Members may also be asked to complete a form to verify their conduct and respect for patient confidentiality. A benefit that other MRCs have experienced in doing so, is that the existence of these signed documents fosters greater trust and a sense of enhanced professionalism for